The Story of JCFL


"JCFLMAN" comes from a good memory. In 2007, Miss J, the founder of JCFLMAN, came to Milan with her dream of fashion design. She wanted to get more opportunities in this fashion city.

She has a short tour every holiday. At Lago DI Como in Italy, She met a gentleman named Mr.C. As the two met by the lake, she accidentally spilled the drink on her pants, C handed her a paper towel, the two people had an intersection, the next few days often meet by chance. J likes his humor and admires his talent. J realized that she like this man. To her surprise, at the moment of meeting, he was also attracted by J's clear eyes and a brilliant smile, so they fell in love. They date a lot. After getting familiar with C, J finds that C often has some skin allergy symptoms. It turns out that he is allergic to most types of cloth. However, because C is tall, it is difficult to find suitable clothes. This problem is very troubling to C.

J remembers her lover's troubles. Gradually to be influenced by the power of love. And her initial dream. J began to design shirts and pants for C. She often went to different cotton plantations and fabric factories. Only to find fabric that makes C comfortable. Make him no longer be annoyed by the fabric of his clothes.


J began to design and make shirts for C. Through J tireless efforts. She found a company that planted high-quality cotton, solved C skin-sensitive problems, and C loved the clothes she designed. J understands that using her professional skills to solve problems for her lover is also the value of realizing her dream. So in 2010, J and C formed a clothing company - JCFLMAN. J for her, C for him, and FL for falling in love. The concept with comfort, high grade, and fashion. Focus on men's wardrobe, provide high-quality and comfortable clothing.

"JCFLMAN" has won a wide reputation for its excellent tailoring technology and excellent quality. To this day, JCFLMAN member customers have spread to more than 130 countries worldwide. Our brand spirit has been continued to this day and has become the foundation of future development.

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